BIM Construction FAQ

What Are BIM Construction Services?

Through the creation of an intelligent 3D model, general contractors, architects, engineers, and owner-operators are given the ability to parse through document management, coordination, and real-time simulation of the lifecycle of a construction project. BIM, or Building Information Modeling, services can include a diverse set of solutions such as 3d modeling, 4d scheduling, clash detection, fabrication, and more in order to help individuals or agencies plan, design, and oversee the construction and maintenance of project more efficiently by having all information available through one model.


Why Is BIM Important?

As technology continues to steadily speed up production, the AEC industry must follow suit and find more efficient and clever ways to design and build under specific time and budgetary constraints. BIM Construction Services allow contractors to keep up with global demand for smarter and more resilient buildings and structures while working more efficiently with all parties involved in the project. BIM becomes a key asset for both design and construction teams not only in creating a roadmap during its initial creation but also in benefiting those who operate and maintain the facility after construction by providing key data of the structure. It is for this reason that BIM has increasingly become the global standard.

How Does BIM Work?

During a construction project, BIM allows for the delivery and operation of built assets with digital information that is beneficial to all parties involved which include designers, general contractors, and owner-operators. BIM uses specific software in order for all parties to collaborate and operate effectively through one shared model and indicate the necessary information for everyone involved. The mutually accessible online space is known as a common data environment, or CDE. The collection of the data within this environment is known as the information model and can be used to determine each stage of the project from its inception to its operation, and renewal.


A construction worker using BIM techniques. BIM construction modeling services allow greater visibility of the full scope of the project and help contractors, businesses, and agencies design and operate with the most efficiency.

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