Smarcon’s BIM Modeling Services can prove useful to nearly any architecture, engineering, or construction project. BIM modeling with Smarcon can provide a more in-depth model than traditional CAD models, and can keep your project’s stakeholders and contractors up-to-date on the latest changes, in real time. Smarcon’s BIM modeling services take advantage of a number of different tools and softwares, including Revit, Building Connected, Assemble, and Autodesk BIM 360.

Architects and construction workers using BIM to model a building.

Benefits of BIM Modeling

A model created through BIM is inherently more detailed than a traditional model. One of the most important elements of BIM construction is the use of shared workspaces. The shared workspace that is used to create a BIM model allows for greater collaboration than any other project management technique. With Smarcon’s BIM modeling services, everyone working on your construction project will always be working on an up-to-date model no matter where they’re working. 

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